Fly, Fly Away…

October 8, 2008 at 1:34 pm Leave a comment

Just watched The Kite Runner, finally. The movie gave you the feeling that’s completely much like tearing your heart, deriving such a new angle of your sights when you hear the word ‘Afghanistan’. Well of course it is nothing to do with comparising with the book–so many cuts, lots of alterations… now that’s an adaptation. And thanks to the experienced director and crews–they used the languages that suit the purpose. The character’s play are like the fullest, and the settings are incredible. I think it’s worth a 9,5 of 10.

LAYANGAN: There’s hope to be good again…

Talking about life; why should it be different to be near or far? (at least by what I lately have in mind.) It seems like it’s gray, dull and quiet when it is separated. But when it’s near, everything will only be loaded with smiles. Isn’t it fair? Aren’t they supposed to do similar things whenever near or far? Shouldn’t they do things that would keep their hearts beat as one (ahem) so they won’t feel like separating? Only God knows the decreasing level of needs to meet for the ‘interconnection’ part of them may have been died long ago, you know, blurring with solitude or something.

Hahahah, ga fokus ah. Kenapa sih serius banget? Biasa aja, biasa…


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Negara Konyol Twilight the Movie

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