September 9, 2008 at 7:14 am 1 comment

OK, I’m now graduated from this damned college. Hey, I heard some unexplainable issues saying that this is going to be a university that would have the religious name… is it matter? Yes since the religion is not mine, too. It makes me feel like grateful just to step out of this place; I quit! I made it! I don’t give a damn to any of things call their name ‘score’–they won’t matter at all when you live your life. Would they occur when you marry? Would they take any parts on your baby-feeding? After all, no matter what kinda job I am going to be, I will nevertheless be a wife, an undeniably house-based wife.

Oh anyway, where have I been these delayed weeks? Well, I was… wait, I think I have to go, there are these urgent priorities I must hold now… I’ll write on here once I am finished, promise. C u!


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  • 1. indrapamungkas  |  September 13, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    nah lo nah lo. . if its not because this kampus galon aqua -bang hafid said this- you will not meet your beloved one yang kamu cinte same mati ituu. .

    hayoooo. .so YOU HAVE to THANKS this damned college. .ohehehy. .BTW mau ganti nama jadi apa? sekolah tinggi ilmu komputer sunan giri?

    it’s not because of this cursed college bang, it’s because Allah swt had arranged this ever since i wasn’t even born. ha ha. jadi universitas… universitas… universitas pelangi apa gitu deh bang… nama” sok melodius dan rhapsody (halah?) gitu.


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