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April 20, 2008 at 6:58 pm 4 comments

Pick a bit from Farah‘s brilliant writings. Hey dear, thanks for letting me do so! 😉 This post is too “suitable” I cannot any more make much changing.

So here i am,
on the journey of my life… again.
Looking for happiness, trying to solve the problems, and… living my life to the fullest. Alone.
I left some memories behind, i carry some up in my pocket,
I portray you in my head, though trying to ditch you from my heart…
I was whole before I met you,
so there’s no reason I should be in shattering pieces after you left…
I don’t want to run nor hide.
I won’t let myself drowning in my own tears.
I have to be whole again, I have to.

I was going to buy a ticket to the end of this road, curious to see how the story ends…
Will there be another chapter of us? Will there be a better you?
Or, another you? Perhaps…

I don’t know which where to go…
I don’t have a map that’d show me directions…
but, I have found the brightest star of my night sky, you it is. 🙂
I may not always feel your presence, I may not always see your shining light…
but i know that you will always be right there when I need,
I know that I always have someone to share the story with,
the bitter ones, the sweet ones…
and… I know you will guide me to the end of this road… (*)

–pour quelqu’un. C’est un garçon pas comme les autres. Mais moi je l’aime. Que j’avais envie de lui. Jusqu’à demain.


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The Orphanage (Movie) New Theme, Blue Heart

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  • 1. fasha  |  April 20, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    kulo mboten mangertos artinipun.
    penjenengan translet rumiyin njih dateng “indonesian”.

    ih, kamuuuu… untung ada YM. nih sekalian kukasi yang mudah dipahami: Cette histoire est d’environ une pause de coeur. hihihi…

  • 2. fasha  |  April 20, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Kurang lebih aku ngerti apa yang kamu ungkapkan.
    Dia begitu berarti.
    Dan itu benar jika hatimu berkata benar.
    Terkadang komentar lebih gampang daripada ngejalanin.
    Yang paling mendasar yang aku tau, jalanin apa yang dikatakan hati kecilmu.
    Apapun yang terjadi nantinya. Hadapi dan jalani.
    Aku juga ga tau persisnya.
    Mungkin waktu bisa menjawabnya.
    Curhat aja ama yang diAtas.
    Tegar chi. Laiv mas go ‘on.

    komen dari kamu bikin aer mata berenti mogok jatoh. hiks… cuman Dia yang tau… hiks… makasi ya…

  • 3. empe  |  April 21, 2008 at 4:43 am

    jeh.. prancois kabeh sih

    ikutan ahhh

    c’est la vie,

    apapun yang terjadi dengan hidupmu… memang begitulah hidup.

    eh yang prancis2 ntu artinya apaan sih? roaming nih :p

    la vie est bella, saya tahu… yg prancis” itu, artinya “untuk seseorang. Dia gak seperti cowo laen, tapi aku suka dia. Aku menginginkannya. Sampai nanti…” 😉

  • 4. inTanTya  |  April 25, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    I was going to buy a ticket to the end of this road, curious to see how the story ends…

    Apa se???

    Emang bisa bli dmana y??


    Bner apa yg mas fasha bilang “laiv mas go `on”

    Tnang bu…

    paling gak tadi pagi kita sama2 uda agak gak ngantuk kan??


    belinya dinegosiasiin aja. dimana ya tapi? hmmm, it’s a secret between two hearts, I guess! 😀 eh… eh… iya… pagi yang indah. bikin pengen idup terus, hehehe. *kapan ya begitu lagi?*


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