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November 22, 2007 at 9:51 pm 1 comment

Di saat-saat sepi di hati, gw nemu beberapa fakta yang bikin seneng. Apa aja?

» Hari ini blog gw dibaca orang lebih dari 30 kali
» Seseorang (gak tau sapa) nge-feed blog gw, artinya dia gak pengen ketinggalan update-an blog gw, cihui! 😀
» Seorang yang masternya VB ngebuka halaman Friendster gw (jadi gr…)
» Ternyata nama doyoufancyme itu sama dengan sebuah nama lagu. Yep, lagu dari band beraliran alt-country bernama Tarnation, judulnya “Do You Fancy Me”, rilis tahun 1995.

Ini lirik lagunya:

Do you fancy me, or am I living in make believe?
Am I someone just to pass your time?
To pass lonely hours ’til your heart can be free,
Then you’ll forget all about me
Do you think of me,
Or are you a victim of old memories?
Why can’t we live for now?
The past is only a sad tragic dream,
Why can’t you give your love to me?
Like flowers of springtime there comes a time, when they must wilt away.
Like coldness of winter, with clouds in the sky,
I watch lonely people pass by.
I’ll no longer pine for you,
My heart is through with being blue.
Soon you’ll turn to find me gone.
Then you’ll pass lonely hours,
‘Til your heart can be free,
And you’ll do all your yearnin’ for me

Hmm, lagu yang skeptis. Pasti sodaraku-yang-suka-memotivasi itu gak suka. Hahah.

Trus ada fakta apa lagi ya?

Hah. Yang jelas hati aku masih perlu perbaikan total atas segala kerusakan di bagian depan, belakang, samping, bemper, jok, lampu, aki, cat dan laen-laen. It feels so hurt inside. Fakta-fakta ini lumayan membuat airmata jadi harus menunggu untuk jatuh…

So long.


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My Foolish Heart Dia Bukan Dia

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  • 1. Iroy  |  March 31, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    hmmm…….bukan narsis toh!

    narsis kan gak jahat to? hehehe…


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