Going Home

August 2, 2007 at 7:14 am 1 comment

I finally came home. Breathing this fresh air of the hottie Surabaya city. Lots to tell, millions to write, billions of memories to reminisce.

How to start?

Maybe I will start by telling you about what’s happening lately: I’m doing search for a good, light-hearted English course, one of the best in Surabaya. I’m pointing my interest to an old-aged LIA which is located in two lands of mark, Ngagel and TuPal, cuz my dad once said that it’s the best one. My cousins in Jakarta happened to be the students of LIA, too. Don’t you know that it’s been invented since the PKI haven’t even start to betray our country?

Talking about my journey and tour to Saudi, err… can I write down everything here? Maybe later. Time won’t allow. The point is: it’s all AWESOME, AMAZING, definitely makes me want to be there AGAIN even FOREVER. It’s the holy land I will always looking forward to live in, esp. in Madinah.

Now I’m sitting, boring, again, in my computer-chair in my Rungkut, facing this grey monitor and start interacting with my damn lame friends in campus again. HATE this. Wish I never come back.



Entry filed under: Relax, Take It Easy.

The Fucked-up Misunderstanding New Lame Terms

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  • 1. aLdo  |  August 3, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    wow, one step forward! i just want to find an english course and quietly interesting with francaise! but, i must to chose one of them, so, i haven’t decided, yet… hehehehe…

    and now, it’s my turn to get some vacation…


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